More murals similar to "Old San Juan" next to Hennessey's Tavern and "Mission Garden" behind the Capistrano Trading Post that visually depicts the history of San Juan Capistrano should be installed on buildings in the downtown area. Funding for such murals will be from funds that TASJA has dedicated to such project or from expected grants.
The Trading Post Mural Unveiled!

A mural of “Mission Garden — San Juan Capistrano,” a reproduction of the painting by well-known Orange County artist and rancher Nellie Gail Moulton was unveiled on Aug. 11 at the Ortega Capistrano Trading Post. The 12 by 15-foot vinyl replica of the painting captures the time and culture of the city San Juan Capistrano […]

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Blas Aguilar Adobe

TASJA is planning large mural installations on the sides of the Blas Aguilar Museum in San Juan in collaboration with Domingo Belardes, curator of the Museum. Artist Hyatt Moore, well known for his paintings of ethnic peoples, has been commissioned to create two 8x10-foot murals (acrylic on wood) depicting historic images from San Juan’s past […]

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Stroscher Building Murals

The building that formerly housed the Bagel Shack and recently the Salad Works restaurant has considerable wall space facing Del Obispo. It is an ideal space for murals.  The building owner is receptive to the idea and planning for murals on this building will begin in 2024.  There are many possibilities for historic murals on these […]

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Utility Boxes

A modest expense approach expresses Art in the Public Square by painting our Utility Boxes. Many other cities have created such art objects. San Clemente for one, has done a commendable job using a car theme. Costa Mesa, LA Glendale and Santa Ana also have City sanctioned painted utility boxes. Often, they provide an honorarium to artists who want to participate. Dana Point has recently approved an additional 14 boxes to be wrapped
A Utility Box behind Docent's Brew House

Behind Docent's sits a utility box owned by the Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD) They have offered to have the box wrapped with an image approved by Docent's Brew House. The box is small relative to those owned by SDG&E or the Traffic Signal boxes in town owned by the City. We expect to have […]

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Camino Capistrano Utility Box Wrap

An abandoned courier box was found on Camino Capistrano accross from Trader Joes. TASJA contacted the owner who confirmed that it was abandoned and availability to paint or wrap. TASJA wrapped the box with an image of the Los Rios District the first visible public art commissioned by TASJA

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The Performing Arts

The Alliance for San Juan Art includes the Performing Arts. TASJA has sponsored short plays of 10 to 15 minutes by the Round About Players. These plays were performed in Los Rios Park for the last three years and our fourth will be performed on four Saturdays in July this summer. "Calamity at the Crossroads" is being written by San Juan's own, Gary McCarver, a renouned playwright specializing in melodramas. The Round About Players was formed by Tom Scott, Beverly Blake and Gary McCarver.
Bubble Man

The Bubble Man was commissioned to create large bubbles in Los Rios Park last summer. Needless to say it was a hit with the young crowd as they chased large, colorful bubbles down the street until they burst and evaporated. These bubbles were another artistic impression and certainly a performing art by the Bubble Man.

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The Round About Players

TASJA is planning to produce the Third Annual Performance in the Los Rios Park.

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In the Wings

The Alliance for San Juan Art believes that San Juan Capistrano is worthy of major art exhibitions due to both its rich history of artistic expression and inherent beauty. We are planning the following events:
Summer Concerts

TASJA is committed to promoting Art in the Public Square for San Juan Capistrano and will once again participate in the Summer Concerts at the Historic Town Center Park. These concerts are a popular summertime country music and jazz events sponsored by the City. They are well attended and present an ideal setting for exposure […]

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Plein Air Paint-Out at the Riding Park

Blenheim Sports, under the direction of Robert and Hillary Ridland announced that a first-ever event will be held in the Riding Park in May. This year, San Juan Capistrano is hosting the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup, a qualifier for the Olympics, and a first for the event being held on the West Coast. Teams […]

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Chalk Art Festival

Sometimes Art is fun and fleeting. So it is with chalk art which can be enjoyed by old and young alike. TASJA is planning to commission such an artist for a chalk art experience on a suitable area in San Juan in 2023, after affirmative coordination with the City. Hopefully, this could lead to a […]

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Make a Difference

TASJA welcomes donations to commission artworks with historic themes for placement throughout downtown.
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