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Art in the Public Square - San Juan Capistrano

Mission Statement

TASJA is committed to promote and sponsor public and visible art in San Juan Capistrano California by supporting emerging and established visual and performing artists for commissioned artworks in the public square, thereby providing civic pride for locals, educational opportunities for visitors, and economic benefits for the merchants.

An Initiative for Our Times

This initiative is intended to glorify the historical elements in San Juan Capistrano by the establishment of an Arts program that features permanent and public Art in the Public Square.

San Juan is blessed with many cultural attributes.  Mission San Juan Capistrano is the mainstay of these icons and there is a world-class rodeo and a rich historic presence.  We have an active Native American Community as well as a diverse population that seeks to enhance these cultural attributes.  Together they attract thousands of visitors each year.

However, while the city has noteworthy sculptures and murals, we are not generally known as an art community. “Binding Contract,” the sculpture on a Del Obispo hillside, and the new "Old San Juan" on the Capistrano Plaza building represent the type of large scale public art that TASJA hopes to see replicated in San Juan. There are some tile murals and many fountains that attest to artistic influences, but these, while public, are not generally visible.

We are surrounded by cities with significant public art.  Further, Art in the Public Square will enhance our downtown, improve the business environment, and provide a further pride of place for our residents.



The Case for Art in the Public Square

Where is the Art in

San Juan Capistrano

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