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The success of TASJA depends on patrons who lend their financial support. Your support will enable the placement of Art in the Public Square through the commissioning of artworks visible and accessible to the people passing by. We will produce short plays in Los Rios Park, and sponsoring periodic art events. The success of our initiative depends largely on our patrons, who lend their names and financial support.

Your donations will become a part of our ongoing efforts to better the community, generate a new economic benefit for the merchants, new tax revenue for the City, by adding art to the many San Juan attributes. There are opportunities for both support of individual projects as well as general operations. In either case, be secure in the knowledge that your generosity will help San Juan Capistrano achieve a reputation for leadership in providing Art in the Public Square, accessible to the public without charge.

We're counting on your support. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of one or more projects, please click here to visit our online donations page. You may contact us by email or call 949 510 2817

Our EIN number is 85-4120900. We are registered in the State of Delaware as The Alliance for San Juan Art, Inc. You may view our Delaware Certificate of Incorporation here. To see a copy of the IRS determination letter granting 501(c)3 status click here


A donor has presented TASJA with a challenge grant which will pay for the installation of a mural when donations from others reach $5,000. A donation will make you part of the process and if you donate $500 or more you will be recognized on a notice at the site.
native american murals


These  2'x2' tile panels are located in Stroscher Grove. They were created by Melissa Thomson and Patricia Waterman, owners of The Ceramics Studio, and depict the early settlement and life of the Stroschein family. TASJA welcomes donations to commission similar panels with historic themes for placement on buildings throughout downtown San Juan, with owner approval/participation. They will be visible and accessible with a QR code embedded in the panel and accessed by cell phones to give a history and/or narrative of the depiction. Panels will cost approximately $5,000 for the design, fabrication, and installation. Your tax-deductible donation will enable TASJA to commission such a panel.


Your donation will help fund painted or wrapped utility boxes with historic images of San Juan Capistrano. A typical box will cost approximately $1500 to $3,000 design and install the wrap, depending on the size. The cost of painting a box will vary depending on the stipend given to the artist.


TASJA welcomes donations to fund a series of short plays for the summer of 2022 by the Round About Players in the downtown area. These plays will be up to 15 minutes and are written by local playwrights. Each play will cost approximately $250.
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A major addition to Art in the Public Square will be the commissioning of large sculptures, based on San Juan themes, to be placed in strategic locations throughout the city. The foremost opportunity is the placement of a flight-of-the-swallows in the median of the Gateway Corner at Ortega and Del Obispo. Furthermore, this and a large sculpture on each of the Gateway Corners will make an unmistakable statement about San Juan Capistrano. Such sculptures will be made possible in part with future donations from art-loving sponsors and patrons. A fine example of large sculptures is "Binding Contract" situated on a hillside along Del Obispo.


A small portion of TASJA’s funding requirements are needed to cover administrative activities such as maps, brochures, promotions, accounting services, and the normal overhead of a non-profit corporation. Note there are no salaries or consulting services paid by TASJA. Donations of any size are welcomed.


For information on other types of support, such as foundation and corporate gifts, please call 949 510-2817 or send an
Old San Juan mural
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