Existing Public Art in San Juan Capistrano

A sampling of some large sculptures, murals, and fountains already commissioned in San Juan Capistrano.


"Binding Contract"
A life sized sculpture on a Del Obispo hillside.
Old San Juan mural


"Old San Juan" 
Commissioned by Dan Alquist
Created by Randy Morgan in 2022


One of four fountains at the Inn at the Mission

A map of the Art in San Juan Capistrano

While San Juan Capistrano does not have an abundance of visible public art, there are some significant art pieces such as murals, sculptures, and intricate fountains, mostly in courtyards of business plazas. TASJA compiled the most significant of these items and cataloged them along with this map. Shown here is the third edition of this map, featuring the newest mural on the front cover.  This mural is a depictionf of a painting by Nellie Gail Moulton, a pioneer in the early artistic community in South Orange County. Most of the art can be observed with a walk through the downtown area. These maps are available at the information kiosk at the depot, the Inn at the Mission, and other downtown locations.
A Guide to the Artwork in San Juan Capistrano book cover

There is some art in public spaces around San Juan Capistrano!

See it here:

Art in SJC

Who was J Serra?

TASJA was honored by a gift from Louisa Cooper of 18 water color studies of the journey of St. Serra created for the tile panels in Serra Plaza. Ms. Cooper was a driving force in creating this artwork and did the research for the narratives on the studies and panels. You can see a digital version of them here:
View the Book
Who Was Junipero Serra? Book Cover
The Alliance for San Juan Art advocates for an initiative to commission and place more Art in the Public Square in San Juan Capistrano that is visible and accessible by the public. Performing arts and temporary art should also be a part of Art in the Public Square. Such an initiative requires broad support and passionate advocates to make it a reality.

While large artworks are not unknown in San Juan Capistrano, they are mostly commissioned in the courtyards of business plazas and are not readily visible or accessible except to lessees and patrons of the plazas. “Binding Contract” aka the “Riders on the Hill” is an exception. It stands in blazing glory on a Del Obispo hillside, visible to all who pass by. The new murals on Capistrano Plaza, "Old San Juan" and "Mission Garden are other exceptions. All are outstanding examples of 'public and visible' art.

Make a Difference

TASJA welcomes donations to commission artworks with historic themes for placement throughout downtown.
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