Will the swallows come home to Capistrano?

glass mosaic swallows

TASJA has been offered a stunning collection of glass mosaic swallows created by an artist in Fullerton. Originally intended for a specific structure, the commission for these unique swallows was unfortunately lost after half of them were completed. Now, these exquisite pieces are seeking a new home, and what better place than San Juan Capistrano. Each swallow measures approximately 5 feet wide by 4 feet high and together, they boast a variety of vibrant colors. This is a heartfelt plea to the community to assist in locating a suitable building in San Juan Capistrano where these beautiful swallows can find their rightful place and provide a joyful experience to all who pass by them.

More information is available from Rich at 949 510 2817.

Randall HolbrookMay 24, 2024

Make a Difference

TASJA welcomes donations to commission artworks with historic themes for placement throughout downtown.
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