10 | Untitled - Marlo Bartels

Untitled - Marlo Bartels

This mural behind a fountain at the end of Plaza Drive celebrates the Mission circa 1830’s when it prospered in hide trading. The inscription tells how the Brig Pilgrim sailed into the bay with Richard Henry Dana. The scenic mural is painted on glazed fired mosaic type tiles. 

The mural is 2 feet high by 24 ft long and was commissioned by the developer of the Capistrano Center  in compliance with the city’s Historic Depiction Policy. 

The inscription below the mural reads:

“For many years the Mission has been the focal point of Capistrano Valley.  During the early 1800’s the Mission was active in its religious and agricultural endeavors; it also maintained large herds of cattle and developed an industry of hide-curing. The tallow vats and curing pits still exist today. In 1830 the Frig Pilgrim sailed into Capistrano Bay to trade hides. One of the sailors on that ship was Richard Henry Dana.  In his book “Two Years before the Mast” he depicted the injustices suffered by the sailors, but also gave accounts of the Mission and the hide trading. “

About the artist

Marlo Bartels has been producing and installing permanent ceramic and stone sculpture, mosaics, pictorial murals and functional art for cities, institutions and personal clients since 1977. He works with ceramic tile, terrazzo & stone; shaping, forming and glazing the clay elements by hand His work includes sculpture, indoor and outdoor walls, fountains, floors and functional art and features durability and low-maintenance.

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