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"Mission Gardens" - Nellie Gail Moulton

This beautiful new mural was installed on Aug. 11, 2023 by the Alliance for San Juan Art (TASJA). It is a reproduction of a painting by Nellie Gail Moulton on adhesive vinyl and is 12ft by 15ft. It overlooks a large parking lot and is visible to the patrons of many of the adjoining restaurants. This is the first notable public art work commissioned by TASJA.  

About the Artist

Nellie Gail Moulton was first a teacher. She became Lewis Moulton's wife in 1908 who was a rancher. She was an accomplished artist and a patron of the arts in Orange County. This mural depicts one of Nellie's many paintings of Mission San Juan Capistrano. Nellie founded Laguna College of Art + Design, Laguna Playhouse, and funded the Moulton Hall at Chapman University.

About The Alliance for San Juan Art

The Alliance for San Juan Art (TASJA)  seeks to promote and sponsor public and visible art in San Juan Capistrano. TASJA provides funding for the creation and installation of new public art, as well as the preservation and restoration of existing public art.  Public art has the ability to transcend boundaries and bring people together. By commissioning murals and other art installations in our downtown area, we can create a shared cultural experience that celebrates our community and brings us closer together.

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