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Current Projects


1. The Gateway Corners at Ortega and Del Obispo

The Stroscher Grove on the hotel corner of the Gateway has already been landscaped, and adorned with tile panels designed by the Stroschein Family. The City has recently contracted to re-landscape two of  the other corners similar to Stroscher Grove, and has committed to leaving a footprint for future artwork at the corner focal points. 

These corners would be magnificently enhanced with sculptures, sized like Binding Contract but themed with other San Juan Capistrano attributes.


2. Tile Panel Depiction Project

The Alliance intends to propose tile panels similar to those on Stroscher Corner that would visually depict the history of San Juan Capistrano. These panels would be installed on buildings in the downtown area with owner permission and the appropriate City approvals.  Potential Funding for tile panels will be from a payment in lieu of a depiction made by Chick Fil A.

This photo is an imagined tile depiction in hallway of Almquist Bldg.


3. Short Playlets in San Juan streets

The Alliance for San Juan Art includes the Performing Arts.  We have a discussed a plan with The Camino Playhouse to mount short plays of 10 to 15 minutes.  Potential locations assuming permissions can be obtained are the Historic Center Patio or the area around the Depot.


4. Painted Utility Boxes

A modest expense approach expresses Art in the Public Square by painting our Utility Boxes. Many other cities have created such art objects. San Clemente for one, has done a commendable job using a car theme. Costa Mesa, LA Glendale and Santa Ana also have City sanctioned painted utility boxes. Typically, they provide an honorarium to artists who want to participate.

Image shown here is a car theme in San Clemente.


Another method is "wrapping" the boxes with a wrap which may have some advantages. The theme of these images, whichever media is selected, would be of  historic San Juan Capistrano.

Image shows a wrapped box location unknown.

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