Art, Culture, and Creativity Month

California for the Arts has declared April as ART, CULTURE AND CREATIVITY MONTH. They have set April 18 for a Summit to advocate for protection of the funds designated by the State for the creativity industry in prior years. April 17 will consist of appoints for participants with their local legislatures in the California Assembly and Senate.

Furthermore, the City of San Juan has similarly declared April as Art Culture and Creativity Month to be in harmony with the State of California. Following is the proclamation read by the Mayor at a recent City Council meeting.

“Arts, Culture and Creativity Month April 2023”
In San Juan Capistrano, CA
  • WHEREAS, Art is not only an impressive and important agent for economic development, it also impacts societal issues that include health and many other human attributes. It is generally accepted that public art will foster a vibrant  business community in San Juan Capistrano; and
  • WHEREAS, it is imperative for all children and youth in California to have access to arts education in their schools and to be culturally enabled by Art in the Public Square in San Juan Capistrano; and
  • WHEREAS, “Old San Juan”, a large relief mural by Randy Morgan, and commissioned by Frontier Real Estate now graces  a wall at Capistrano Plaza; and
  • WHEREAS, San Juan Capistrano’s own Allison Adams has just completed her exhibit of “Groundbreaking Girls” featuring many of prominent women of the world at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton; and
  • WHEREAS, San Juan is the home of many prominent artists, many of whose works are displayed and sold at the Mission Art Gallery; and
  • WHEREAS, the Inn at the Mission sponsors a monthly live art session where prominent local artists conduct a class in their art technique; and 
  • Whereas, On any Saturday morning, a group of local musicians gather under the trees in Historic Town Center Park and play the many familiar songs form the 50’s and 60’s in Dixieland and other styles; and
  • WHEREAS, The Silvas Adobe in Los Rios has been converted to an art gallery and is presently showing the many equestrian paintings by artist Kathy Harder; and
  • WHEREAS,  The Cultural and Heritage Commission of San Juan Capistrano, through its deliberations of all matters of historic and cultural significance, serves to spark community and individual creativity, and encourages  civic engagement in San Juan Capistrano; and
  • WHEREAS, the Moulton Museum has recently been opened in Laguna Hills and is currently showing new art by Jeff Sewell featuring pristine local landscapes reminiscent of old ranch days on the Moulton Ranch. Furthermore, the Museum is committed to placing Art in the Public Square in Laguna Hills and surrounding cities;  and
  • WHEREAS, The Riding Park in San Juan Capistrano is hosting the world acclaimed Nation’s Cup in May during which a plein-air paint in featuring artists from around the County and
  • WHEREAS, The Alliance for San Juan Art (TASJA) has been formed to advocate and  promote Art in the  Public Square; has taken a leadership role in commissioning art forms in San Juan Capistrano and is partnering with California for the Arts to advocate for more state funding for the arts
  • NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the San Juan City Council, that April 2023 be recognized and celebrated as the arts, culture and creativity month for San Juan Capistrano, Orange County and all Californians and that April 2023 and every April thereafter, be designated as “Arts, Culture and Creativity Month”. 
Rich HeimannApril 1, 2023

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TASJA welcomes donations to commission artworks with historic themes for placement throughout downtown.
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