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Existing Public Art in SJC is a sampling of some of the large sculptures, murals, and fountains already commissioned in San Juan Capistrano. But to see all of it click on "Existing Public Art in SJC".

TASJA was honored by a gift from Louisa Cooper of 18 water color studies of the journey of St. Serra created for the tile panels in Serra Plaza.  Ms. Cooper was a driving force in creating  this artwork and did the research for the narratives on the studies and panels.  These studies are stored through the courtesy of Mission San Juan Capistrano, You can see a digital version of them here.  

The Alliance for San Juan Art advocates an initiative to commission and place more Art in the Public Square in San Juan Capistrano that is accessible by the public and very visible. The performing arts and temporary art should also be a part of Art in the Public Square. Such an initiative requires broad support and passionate advocates to make it a reality.

While large artworks are not unknown in San Juan Capistrano, they are mostly commissioned in the courtyards of business plazas and are hence not visible except to lessees and patrons of the plazas.  “Binding Contact” aka the “Riders on the Hill” is an exception.  It stands in blazing glory on a Del Obispo hillside, visible to all who pass by.  The new mural on Capistrano Plaza, "Old San Juan is another exception.  Both are outstanding examples of 'public and visible' art.


On a Hillside in San Juan “Binding Contract”

Commissioned by Dan Almquist for his property along Del Obispo, this beautiful full-size sculpture portrays the essence of San Juan’s equestrian heritage. More sculptures of this size with varying themes would capture the economic and cultural benefits that are theresult of such works.
Location - Across Del Obispo from Armstrong Gardens.

About the Artist


Bradford Williams’ sculpture studio is in Prescott, AZ. He is one of the most sought-after artists of the Western bronze genre. He is self-taught, having spent nights sculpting after his day job.  He started full time in 1991.


Photo by Steve Behmerwohld

In the Ortega Business Center “Untitled’

This 1981 sculpture consisting of images cast in eight tilt-up concrete relief panels in the center of a fountain is located in the midst of this commercial center and visible to its patrons. The artist is currently Director of the LA County Fair art exhibits. It is also neglected and in need of repair.
Location - Center of the office complex across from Bad to the Bone

About the Artist


Tony Sheets was born into an Arts Community. His father was Millard Sheets, head of the Art Dept. at Scripps College. Tony was an apprentice for sculptor Albert Stewart. He studied under Jean and Arthur Ames who created “Earth, Fire, Water and the Potter”. He collaborated with other artists to develop a process to create cast concrete wall sculptures. Until he retired he was director of Fine arts at the LA County Fair.


Ortega Cottages on Calle Arroyo "Untitled"

This is a beautiful life-size rendering in different shades of concrete. It is visible to patrons of the business center. The elements have not been kind to some parts of the sculpture and it is in need of repair. Attempts to learn more about this sculpture and the artist have not been successful
Location - The midst of the Ortega Cottages on Calle Arroyo



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