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Our Neighboring Cities

Dana Point

This city has a varied collection of Sculptures and Murals in public and private places ranging from classical to modern. Since 1994 the City has had a Public Art ordinance requiring a minimum of one-half (0.50) percent of the total construction costs of new development. Shown here are 2 of many.

"Richard Henry Dana Jr.”

About the Artist


Dana Point, CA


"Jump Rope"

About the Artist


Dana Point, CA



San Clemente

"San Clemente embraces public art as part of its identity; evidenced in the pavement tile murals on Avenida Del Mar, the mosaic bench on the beach trail near Rivera, historic images on Ralph's grocery store on El Camino Real, and the colorful utility boxes around town. the list of favorites is endless." Source - Lorie Donchek, former Mayor, San Clemente

Utility box "Untitled"


San Clemente, CA



Thoughts from Jackson Hole, WY

The following is quoted from a publication called "A public art toolkit for rural communities" sponsored by Jackson Hole Public Art. Jackson Hole has a population of approximately 10,000 people.

Places in the public realm, public art is free and accessible to all people to experience on their own terms. Public art can be temporary or permanent, large-scale or small, abstract or realistic. It can stand alone or be a well-integrated and functional element of a building or plaza. Public artists have the unique opportunity to express current issues, create an identity for your community, recognize a moment in history, and inspire actions in the future. Public art has the potential to visually connect civic spaces, inspire walkable communities and to imbue the manmade environment with community character.

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