At their meeting on May 24, the Planning Commission in San Juan Capistrano, approved TASJA's application for a permit to install a mural in downtown San Juan. The mural will be placed on the back side of the Capistrano Trading Post. It will be printed on vinyl from an image of a painting by Nellie Gail Moulton, a prominent artist of the 1920's. The Trading Post is owned by Bill Ortega who is partnering with TASJA and the Moulton Museum to create this mural. The Moulton Museum is providing a complimentary license to use the image called "Mission Gardens"

The Mural will be about 12 X15 feet in placed towards the top of the building so it can be seen across the parking lot and by the restaurants beyond. The mural is expected to be installed by the end of the summer when an unveiling will be scheduled.

California for the Arts has declared April as ART, CULTURE AND CREATIVITY MONTH. They have set April 18 for a Summit to advocate for protection of the funds designated by the State for the creativity industry in prior years. April 17 will consist of appoints for participants with their local legislatures in the California Assembly and Senate.

Furthermore, the City of San Juan has similarly declared April as Art Culture and Creativity Month to be in harmony with the State of California. Following is the proclamation read by the Mayor at a recent City Council meeting.

“Arts, Culture and Creativity Month April 2023”
In San Juan Capistrano, CA
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